To excavate is to dig, and digging means heading into a world we can’t see through. Trust the experts to guide you through this process. From gas lines, irrigation lines, oil tanks and even buried power lines, we’ve seen it all. Our team of specialized operators ensures efficiency and safety on all of our job sites.

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  • Extensions and new foundations

    Add room to your home or building on a solid foundation.

  • French drains

    Install pipes and drains to avoid water accumulation and infiltration.

  • Waterproof foundations

    Keep water drained away from concrete foundations to prevent cracking or buckling.

  • Pyrite

    Avoid heaving and cracking of the foundation by removing pyrite, a mineral found in stone that can damage concrete.

  • Sidewalks

    Break apart, rebuild the base, and prepare new sidewalk to be refilled.

  • Pile and shoring work

    Protect your foundation and deep foundation work by following the most stringent norms.

  • Excavation

    Remove soil, rock, or fill to make way for new construction.

  • Septic tanks systems

    Avoid water contamination and remove waste from your site.

  • City services

    Dig to replace broken water and/or sewer pipes.

Our services Demolition

When you have made the decision to demolish a building, it is best to be done as quickly as possible. SMR works closely with municipalities to ensure your project is handled with the utmost care. Trust the experts to minimize delays and maximize efficiency.

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Our services Decontamination

There are many sources of potential contamination in our soils. Following a strict procedure to uncover what you’re dealing with will save you time, money and headaches. Trust the experts to minimize costs and maximize savings.

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Customer satisfaction Testimonials

We value our customers and their business. Here are some things they had to say about us.

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Ça a toujours été un plaisir de travailler avec toi et ton équipe les quelque fois ou on a fait appel à vos service. À ce jour, les différentes formes de colmatage que vous avez fait pour Reliance Construction tienne la route.

Merci et au plaisir

Olivier Cartier, Gérant de Projets - Les Constructions Reliance du Canada Ltée

We at Our Lady of Fatima, had a chance to work with SMR Experts crew. Which we are very pleased with their professionalism and services.

Our Lady of Fatima, Ville St-Laurent

I would just like to send a thank you for your continued service in regards to our needs when looking at foundation projects requiring Helical Piles.

We have and will continue to reach out to you when bidding and completing Helical Pile related Projects. Your knowledge and continued support during the bidding phase ensures we are fully prepared when providing the right solution for our customers. Quick turnaround on complex projects is always of top importance in this industry, and we appreciate the continued support you provide each time.

Some of the services SMR can provide us at a moment’s notice:

  • Assist in Design Build Projects. Analyzing Soils and Load information and providing the most efficient product that can be used for the Design Engineers to implement into the overall foundation design
  • Providing Alternate Solutions on Projects that will assist the customer in cost savings while providing a quality product
  • Training/Certification for our Staff
  • Alternate Equipment Needs for Installation
  • On-Site Services to assist in install

Mark Monahan, Irving Equipment

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