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Control groundwater, rainwater and surface water with Waterproofing products, designed to prevent damages from leaks and to avoid unnecessary repairs to the Building Envelope.


High-density polyethylene (HDPE) BOSS pipe is a proven performer in the municipal, industrial and forestry pipe markets. Engineered for gravity flow systems, a wide range of BOSS pipe designs are available to meet specific standard and project requirements.

Performance advantages of HDPE include:

  1. Strength
    The corrugated exterior provides this product with its inherent minimum pipe stiffness of 320 kPa or 210 kDa. The smooth inner wall provides longitudinal stiffness which enables alignment and grade to be maintained in the trench during installation.
  2. Impact Resistance
    BOSS pipes take the knocks and bumps of handling, moving and installation with ease. The combination of non-brittle HDPE and its unique corrugated exterior makes BOSS pipe capable of sustaining an impact in both warm weather usage and cold weather installations.
  3. UV Resistance
    BOSS pipes contain a minimum of 2% carbon black additive to protect the product from ultraviolet light. This gives BOSS pipe maximum weather resistance in applications where continuous exposure to the elements is expected.
  4. Chemical Resistance
    HDPE has the highest level of chemical resistance of all traditional sewer products. BOSS pipes bring to the gravity flow sewer market the same exceptional performance that HDPE has exhibited in other applications, remaining tough and resistant under conditions that could seriously damage pipes made of other conventional materials.
  5. Recommended pH Range
    HDPE material provides excellent resistance to both acidic and alkaline environments with strong acids through all bases, pH 1.25 to 14.

Big O HDPE Tubing

Big O tubing is ideal for foundation drainage and water management around homes and yards. It’s durable, lightweight and easy to install. Not only is Big O used by homeowners, it’s also been used for decades by farmers who rely on Big O to help improve crop yields.

Solid, or non-perforated, tubing is for applications that involve diverting water from one place to another (away from downspouts, for instance). Water can’t seep out until it reaches the end of the tube; this is the most cost-effective solution.

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